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As soon as this album come out, Wardead have died as the metal band that used to be. This is a posthumous album recorded and edited to show what we played during the fall and winter of 2013-14. As we felt free to split up, music is free and strong itself, because even after death this album will be existing and able to sound. Fuck trends and fuck scenes, dont' follow anyone, just listen and enjoy.


released May 19, 2015

Wardead were:
Gn:Vocals, guitars
Pt:Bass guitar

Recorded at Wardead's rehearsal room by M.S. and Martiño.
Mixed by M.S.

Thanks to all who in some way helped or supported Wardead.




Wardead A Coruña, Spain

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Track Name: A Smothering Reality
Feel how you’re dying
Final breath has come
Seeing your life passing by
And your river comes to the sea
Prepare to don’t see
As maggots eat your body
Pure essence of life
Nothing will last
Painful as unknown
Smothering death
For centuries looking for
A source for eternal youth
Plastic surgery at all
Nothing deny this reality
Supporting a perfect business
The fear is the best trade
No gods, no masters
Those motherfuckers will die too
Alone and helpless
Obscurity possess you
Becoming a rotten corpse
Abandoned in eternity
Feel how you’re dying again
Final breath finally has gone
Seeing forgotten yourself
And your river fills the ocean
Track Name: Nuclear War
Reaching new world order
Use and abuse is taking over
Inflicting controlled cancer
Violence will flood the nations
Nuclear War (x2)
In this doom, violence taking corpses
Nuclear War
Refusal feelings, dead on body more
Nuclear War
Wasting emptiness of life
Praising capitalist pigs
Dead bodies feed their machines
Consume society ruins our lives
Don’t believe in a better world
We were sold long time ago
You won’t be free nevermore
Because they want it so
In this doom, being violent
Nuclear war
In this hell, rotting
Demise on this nuclear war
Nuclear world!!
Track Name: Manifestation Of Darkness
Screams behind the shadows
War from the dark past
An unknown origin
In secret, eternal holocaust
Depths from the empire
Another time, another land
Freedom taken
Days of fog
Nocturnal loud
Darkness Manifest
Hating all human race
Becoming a stranger
Released to the dark
And time will bury us all
Endless demise
Origin of darkness
Breeding in fear
Path of blood and war
A new kingdom at all
Revolution loud
Essence in black
Fear of future
Smile of decadence
Feasting obscure
In a world downfall
Anarchy civilization
Now all rules have died
Track Name: Horror Vacui
Surrounded by emptiness
This grey reality
Sadness is the essence
Staring this cross on the wall
Follow those idols
Filling you with lies
What I have if I fail?
Where is the life I would want?
Unjustified deaths
Unsouled lives
Utopias died
Under will of who reigns
Reduced to shadows
By dogmatic ways of know
What is wrong, what is real
Don’t fear in believe the other side
Understanding on and on the misanthropic ways
Experience shows
We are animals
Of the strong hierarchy
And we never denied it
Crying useless bastards
Nothing is perfect
Decadence of all our reign
Death will be another birth
Nothing is true
Everything is possible
People unwilling, soulless
Empty solutions, no answers
Light won’t shine never again
Involution endlessly
Day by day I dwell myself
To be a part of all, to believe
Pain, infinite demise
Like everyone, yet feel alone
Origin of lies, devouring
In the end, we are sold
Eons of alienation, countless deads
Closing a cycle, is the agony of the world
Track Name: Pestilence Worship
Born under nuke influence
Suffering a mutation
Acid wrath corpses
Never mind your death,
You’re fucking worthless, UGH!
Raise the pestilence
Leading us into zombie droves
Neanderthals of atomic waste
Raise the pestilence
Eyes crying blood
Crawling from this world
Dead a blue world
Consumed all paradises
We burnt our chances
We are programmed to destroy,
To be dead
Since first fire, to last nuclear fusion
Always feeding the painful path to the end
Crawling human creatures, living this misery
Powerful oppression, the serpent man will drag your blood
Day by day, we slowly dwell
Being doomed to work our tombs
Blinded deceived, committing suicide
They won’t stop unless we raise a war
Now it’s time
Slow death
Use and abuse
Die to serve
Total control
Endless walls
Slave ‘till death
Escape to the void
To this serpent man
Total fucking hate
Track Name: To The Weak
Violence, darkness, screaming around
Slavery, oppression, in the name of God
Rising, the fatal destiny
The light that blinds and oppress us all
Elevation, exhale your soul
Forces dead
Insane creature, alienation to the weak
Manifest of tears, repressive response
Living under misery
Suicide is escape
Slow apocalypse, waiting reborn
How many more will die?
Dead by a perfect society
Don’t hear, don’t fucking say
Get into the void of death
Supremacy, enduring a kingdom in pain
Desolation, lying in ruins ‘til the end of time
To The Weak!
Track Name: Black Vomit
Putrid black vomit, UGH!
Puking my most stenching vomit
There is my hate rot from inside
Breaking my shorts, take my boner
Fuck me so drunk, I will pull your hair
March of drinks
Spill of gores
Hate and fuck
Wolves, drinking, will puke, Black vomit
Regorge all your night, Black Vomit
So you think this is being a man
Makes sense when you’re worthless to evolution
Realize that you are only flesh
Don’t believe the bullshit of maleness
You’re in my hands
You’re MY girl
Why do you smile?
Do you have a darker side?
Feel my semen in your face
Fear how primitive I can be
Brutal fuck, lust of meat
Cum , I hear your pleasure wail
Lethal killer instinct
Coldblooded endless night
Excess with no end
Remaining more black vomits